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We really hope you enjoyed the episode where Nicole and I got to dig deep into a few hot topics. And of course, we'd love to meet you in person in June at Your Authority Blueprint Live.

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Get more details on the strategy that I discussed with Matt in this episode when you click on the image for Your Authority Blueprint!


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Join us in beautiful Santa Cruz, California!

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No more scrounging for clients - they'll flock to you like moths to a candle.

Your referrals go up because everyone knows your name.

You could make more while working less - because being in demand means higher rates.

You could spend more time doing what you love and less time marketing and selling yourself.

Who is Your Authority Blueprint LIVE for?

  • You have clients that love you, and a deep desire to serve more.

  • You are well on your way to a six-figure income, and you want to fast-track your results.

  • You are more than just a coach or writer - you've got a burning message to get out to the world.

  • You're tired of doing it all on your own and you know there's an easier way.



Your time is valuable and you want to make every minute count. That's why we've developed this event to deliver on what matters most - results. You'll leave this training with your personalized Authority Blueprint in hand, ready to take your business to the next level and beyond.


Learn how easy it is to get a podcast up and running, and how you can leverage your own show to increase your income, grow your list, and build your authority.


One of the fastest ways to grow your list, build your network, and increase your income - bar none! Plus - you'll already be skilled at conducting interviews from your podcast.


Whether you're on your own stage or someone else's, addressing a large audience or a small group - speaking gigs are one of the best ways to build your fan base, make more money, and be taken more seriously.


There's a reason that "Author" is part of the word Authority - being published is validation in it's highest form. The expression "He/She wrote the book on _____" still carries a lot of weight today.

Is growing by leaps and bounds!

And for good reason - it works! There is no faster, easier way to build the "Know - Like - Trust" factor than through hosting your own show and reaching your audience in an intimate way. Your words are easing right into their ears, at their convenience, and even at their REQUEST. They've chosen to listen to you!

At YAB Live, you'll learn how easy it is to get your show launched, as well as the insider secrets to doing it quickly, ease-fully, and effectively.

Are an easy way to kickstart your growth!


In a nutshell, a virtual summit is nothing more than a series of recordings (video or audio) centered around a specific  topic, and delivered as a private event. As a podcast host, the recording part will be easy, and the rest is just a matter of logistics.

At YAB Live, you'll learn how to select your topic, find the best guests, set up your event page, and even price it right to maximize your revenue from it.

Can easily become your biggest wealth-builder.

Aside from building the Know-Like-Trust factor through podcasting and virtual summits, LIVE speaking engagements will create your biggest home-run opportunities. When your current and future fans get to meet you face-to-face, magic happens!

At YAB Live, you'll learn insider secrets and short-cuts to help you land speaking gigs that grow your authority, build your platform, and open up a whole new revenue stream for your business.

Will open doors previously closed to you!

You know you've got an important message that the world needs to hear. You also know that writing a book can be time-consuming, challenging, and downright frightful.

At YAB Live, we'll show you how you can leverage your podcast, summits, and signature talk into a book that practically writes itself. PLUS, you'll learn the ins and outs of self-publishing and how to market your book for maximum profitability - on the platform you will have already built in your first three pillars of Authority.

At Your Authority Blueprint LIVE we believe in creating a compelling future that draws us toward it.

That's why the theme for this year's event is CELEBRATION! In our way of thinking, you have already arrived. You already ARE the celebrated authority in your particular field. And when we meet with you in person, we won't be seeing who you were, but who you are becoming - your future self - Podcast and Virtual Summit Host, sought-after Keynote Speaker, and acclaimed Author.

With that in mind, we invite you to start living as your future self NOW!

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Business Building Rockstars Ticket Options

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Hot-Seat Coaching with Michael


Use the code BBRSHOW to apply your $100 discount!
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Your Authority Blueprint LIVE is NOT for you if...

  • You've got more clients than you can handle and you don't want to scale your business.
  • You like to play the "Lone Wolf" and do things all on your own.
  • You're more interested in blazing your own trail than modeling the success of those who came before you.
  • You're not ready to invest in yourself or your business at this time, but might be in the future.

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